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Thursday, January 1, 2015

JFK-FROM PARKLAND TO BETHESDA: The Ultimate Kennedy Assassination Compendium- COMING FALL 2015

JFK-FROM PARKLAND TO BETHESDA: The Ultimate Kennedy Assassination Compendium



Wednesday, November 12, 2014


GEMS FROM THE VOLUMES OF THE WARREN COMMISSION- items almost if not completely overlooked, such as DAVID FERRIE being mentioned in them! Here is more:20 H 410: "A Western Union man who had been with us since we came down from Andrews Air Force Base came into the [Parkland Hospital] office. A nurse asked him about a report that a Secret Service agent had been killed out on the street. HE SAID THAT ...IT WAS TRUE. This was one of the immediate rumors which sprang up. It took several days for this particular rumor not to be believed in Dallas itself (FELLOW IN JAGGARS-CHILES-STOVALL who got it from a friend who got it from a POSTMAN* supposed to have been at the death scene that the shot and bleeding SS man was in on the plot to kill the President.)" ;Kelley re: LHO!

18 H 887:

"Gen. C.A. Willoughby" on the Young Americans for Freedom National Board!;

5 H 454-455;457-458: Secret Service Chief James J. Rowley---testifies about Secret Service agent Abraham W. Bolden, Sr. re: Bolden's allegations of laxity and his legal troubles [Bolden was shocked that he was mentioned at all in the 26 volumes---he never knew he was in them, let alone testimony from the Chief!];

1 H 399: Robert Oswald---Marguerite shown Ruby's photo NOVEMBER 23, the day BEFORE Ruby shoots LHO! Who showed her the photo? SECRET SERVICE AGENT MIKE HOWARD!

18 H 795: Secret Service agent Andy Berger---writes in his SS report that "AN UNIDENTIFIED CIA AGENT" who had "CREDENTIALS" made himself available at Parkland while JFK was there (this is seperate from FBI agent Vincent Drain, who identified himself and was sent via Hoover, and an "unidentified FBI agent" who did NOT have credentials!;


17 H 574: a bomb threat in El Paso, TX on 6/5/63---JFK, Connally, and LBJ were there (although LBJ was not in the motorcade) to start the planning of the upcoming Texas trip for NOVEMBER 21-23, 1963!!!;

18 H 692: Confirmation that Godfrey McHugh did indeed come from Fort Worth, as Harry Livingstone wrote in "High Treason 2", pp. 567-568;

17 H 870-895: the Secret Service's 12/5/63 re-enactment photo album [A.K.A. "WHY THE B&$%# DIDN'T THE TSBD SHOOTER SHOOT AT JFK WHEN THE PRESIDENT WAS TRAVELLING DOWN HOUSTON STREET?!?!);

19 H 42: BEVERLY OLIVER? [in dispute];

19 H 148: "R.A. WHITE";


from transcript of a speech by Revilo P. Oliver from 1964:

"Oswald, as we all know, killed Kennedy. There is only one uncertainty, whether another Communist sharpshooter participated in the assassination. There is a good deal of evidence, INCLUDING THAT OF PERSONS WHO SAY THEY SAW THE NEWSREEL FILM BEFORE IT WAS TAMPERED WITH, and the reported opinions of the physicians who examined the body in Dallas, that four shots were fired---not three--and that at least one of

them came from a different location. That, of course, is the kind of evidence that Earl Warren will probably do his best to suppress [emphasis added]".;

20 H 510: Photo of General Walker's backyard---this time the license plate is allowed to remain intact!!!!;

20 H 356 and 411: San Antonio Congressman Henry Gonzalez obtained Connally's clothing/ effects, but

6 H 118: they first went to LBJ aide Cliff Carter! (?);

20 H 161, 163: photos of Dealey Plaza---see Stemmons Sign...;


19 H 711, 713: LHO/ Connally letters [Korth];

19 H 656, 717: LHO's "13-inch head", as per Jack White :-);

18 H 96: Arlen Specter way off trajectory (photo)!;

17 H 485: DPD Channel 2 transcript---DPD wanted to hold the two Secret Service cars (the limo and the follow-up)at parkland to PRINT THEM!!!;
13 H 214, 352: "Rocco took pictures"---is this Larry Ronco, Oliver's friend?;

16 H 721: recorded interview (transcript) of Marguerite Oswald by Secret Service agent Mike Howard---"Harvey Lee Oswald": first time corrected, second time not corrected;

6 H PLUS 17 H 1-48: Parkland Hospital medical reports/ testimony;

9 H 179, 199, 273: George De Mohrenschildt's friendship with Jackie Kennedy and the Auchincloss family;

9 H 235: De Mohrenschildt's friendship plus with the CIA's J. Walter Moore;

11 H 330-331: Dean Andrews---testified that LHO couldn't have killed JFK;

21 H 150-269: Price Exhibits

22 H 710-712: Palmer McBride

22 H 931-932: Shari Angel Weston

23 H 817: 11/22/63 FBI report---interview of Roger Craig

24 H 23: 11/25/63 FBI report---second interview of Roger Craig

24 H 765: transcript of Chief Curry's comments on WFAA/ ABC for 11/23/63 re: Craig's negro in a car

25 H 171: Earlene Roberts re: police car blowing horn

25 H 378-380: re: Ruby in Houston 11/21/63!

25 H 721-722, 725, 844-850: re: Secret Service agent Mike Howard and brother Pat and the allegation that they deliberately planted story that a janitor saw LHO pull trigger

25 H 769: Douglas Jones/ Jones Printing Co.---did not believe LHO ordered Hands Off Cuba handbills

26 H 63: re: John Thomas Masen

26 H 79-84: re: Joachim Joesten
Maybe Burkley wasn't all bad---
22 H 93-97: 11/27/63 report of his activities surrounding the
assassination of JFK [see also Manchester, p. 670]---(22 H 94 and
97)"[at Parkland]It was evident that death was imminent and that he was
in a hopeless condition."; [at Bethesda]"…his appearance in the casket
gave no evidence of the injury he had received.": perhaps because the
wound was in the BACK of the head?
Larry O'Brien: overlooked---
His book entitled "No Final Victories: A Life in Politics from John F.
Kennedy to Watergate" (1974) [see also "Reflections on JFK's
Assassiantion" by John B. Jovich (1988), pages 35 and 37]---At Parkland
Hospial: "It was chaotic, doctors, nurses running in and out. Medical
equipment being wheeled into the room. At one point Jackie and I stepped
into the adjoining room where the President's body lay. All I recall is
***I thought he looked as he always had.***"
21 H 198: page from lengthy/ 10-page (21 H 193-202) 12/11/63 report on
activities 11/22-11/24/63 [see also Manchester, p. 675]---"Mr. Wright
had somewhere down the line asked me if I could ascertain the path of
the bullet---or bullets---determine the path, and find out where the
instrument of injury actually was." (!);
Chief of Security O.P. Wright--
21 H 229-332: report of activities 11/22/63---NOTHING about CE399!
DAVID FERRIE: 7 H 14, 29-31
20 H 445: SECRET SERVICE AGENT ROGER WARNER in Parkland Hospital with LHO

Dr. Charles Crenshaw---
WC references to his presence on 11/22/63: 6 H 40 (Baxter), 6 H 31-32
(McClelland), 6 H 80-81 (Salyer), 6 H 141 (Henchcliffe), 6 H 60
(Curtis)+15 H 761: index
Completely overlooked WC reference to his presence on
11/24/63: 21 H 265(report by Parkland Administrator Charles
Price)---"Dr. Charles Crenshaw was in the corridor and said they had
been alerted. He said, 'You're not going to put him [Oswald] in the same
room the President was in, are you?' [I] told him I surely was glad he
had thought of it and by all means, not to.";


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Friday, March 30, 2012

"Mrs. Kennedy and Me"

OUTSTANDING: SECOND ONLY TO "WITHIN ARM'S LENGTH"! I so wanted to dislike this book. As the leading civilian literary expert on the Secret Service, I had previously----and rightfully---lambasted Lisa McCubbin's prior effort entitled "The Kennedy Detail" for its rewriting of history, blaming JFK for his own death and putting words in the late president's mouth that he never once uttered, as verified by the prior accounts of numerous top agents and White House aides, many of whom WERE there in Dallas (unlike former agent Gerald Blaine). As previously stated, it was my 22-page letter to former agent Clint Hill that angered him and his best friend to whom I had also spoken to, the aforementioned Blaine, that directly led to the writing of "The Kennedy Detail" and, by extension, the need to write a follow-up tome, "Mrs. Kennedy & Me" (whenever a book is even a mild best-seller, which their first effort was, it is almost a guarantee that, if there is any gas left in the tank, so to speak, a further literary work will be forthcoming). In fact, both agents Blaine and Hill debated the merits of my research on television and, if that weren't enough, I was mentioned on pages 359-360 of "The Kennedy Detail" (without naming me, of course). One could argue several other pages refer to my work, directly or indirectly, but I digress from the matter at hand. Simply put, "Mrs. Kennedy & Me" is stupendous: a literary home run, second only to another brand new work, the outstanding 2012 book "Within Arm's Length" by former agent Dan Emmett, as attaining the mantle of being the greatest book on the Secret Service by a former agent ever to date (1865-2012 and counting). I almost cannot believe I am writing this but, alas, honesty prevails: Mr. Hill and Ms. McCubbin have alot to be proud of for this book---it is consistently everything "The Kennedy Detail" is not: truthful, honest, no axe to grind, not dry or boring, well written, and coming from the perspective of a brave and dedicated public servant who WAS truly there (to be fair, even "The Kennedy Detail", and certainly the documentary it was based on, had its moments, although my judgment is rightfully clouded by what I and others feel are the purposeful untruths and propaganda contained throughout, as well as the exasperating third-person narrative interwoven throughout the book, making it hard to pin down exactly WHO was responsible for specific passages. President Kennedy did NOT order the agents off his limousine in Tampa, in Dallas, or anywhere else, for that matter- SAIC Behn, ASAIC Boring, ATSAIC Godfrey, many of their colleagues, and several prominent White House aides said so). Do I still have misgivings about some of the agents on the Kennedy Detail? Sure; that will never change. Am I also an ardent admirer of the Secret Service? You bet: the agency has a whole lot to be proud of. Clint Hill at least TRIED to do something that fateful day in Dallas and carried much guilt and depression over the sad events of that time and place. That is a whole lot more than several of his colleagues can lay claim to. That aside, "Mrs. Kennedy & Me" is highly recommended to everyone for its honesty and rich body of true, first-hand accounts of guarding First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Too bad this book wasn't even longer and "The Kennedy Detail" did not exist, but one cannot ask for everything. Please purchase this fine book as soon as possible!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Dan Emmett's great book "Within Arm's Length"- WARNING (PLEASE READ)!

Dan Emmett's great book "Within Arm's Length"- WARNING (PLEASE READ)!

Dan Emmett is a true patriot and first-class gentleman. His book is fantastic. That said, the various recent news articles that the book are allegedly based on have taken things way out of context, leaving the false impression that Dan has attacked the Clintons, which is patently false. Please READ the book before taking things out of context...and kudos to Mr Emmett for the BEST book ever on the Secret Service (1865-2012)

Vince Palamara

also- Dan's book is currently #71 on Amazon (and climbing)[#21 in books/ memoirs] as I write this, an outrageously good position for a small publishing house. In comparison, "The Kennedy Detail", on arguably THE biggest publisher and a NY Times Best Seller, NEVER cracked the top 100 on Amazon...all I can say is "Wow"! Once people READ Dan's book, they will see how all the massively silly out-of-context media hype about the book is exaggerated and false.